About us

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Equipped with a desire to improve our own quality of life, we set out to create an atmosphere of self-care and positivity, with the (occasional) indulgence. This started in our kitchen for us. Jeremy and I (Jill), were determined to set small, obtainable goals that we could reach, then breeze through, and ultimately shatter.  

Coming from the school of hard knocks we knew flavor on a budget. Growing up from both Latin and Chilean Family, we were used to grains, beans, flavorful protein and exotic flavors.  We are those regular people. We are your neighbor. We are your everyday busy mom and dad. We know the ins and outs of sports, school, events, and most importantly family time. This is why we decided that the main purpose of our love and passion is to give you the Gift of time. We love to hear "I took my M2F to Disneyland and stayed on track".  "My mother can't cook for herself anymore, and this has been a life saver".  "My numbers came back from the Dr's and he is blown away by my progress".  We love that we service our own city of Chino Hills and a wide range of cities and counties. We love to be at our sons football games and daughters cheer and look across to see a M2F bag containing our meals. We take pride in knowing that we have an open dialogue with our over 1k members. We have both lost 40+ lbs meal prepping. Now, it's time to pass on our winning combination of flavor and portion control to you. We truly want our M2F Meal Fitter members to feel that our meals are coming from our kitchen to your home.